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Police Officer From Elk Grove Arrested By Fed's

Acting United States Attorney Lawrence G. Brown announced today that Eric Gene Piotrowski, 41, of Elk Grove, Calif., was arrested this morning for misdemeanor and felony criminal offenses related to falsely claiming he was awarded a Silver Star military decoration and for lying to federal agents.

This case is the product of an extensive investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, with the cooperation of the California Department of Veterans Affairs.

According to Assistant United States Attorney Michelle Rodriguez, who is prosecuting the case, Piotrowski, is charged with claiming that he was awarded a Silver Star for “gallantry in action during combat operations against hostile forces” in Operation Desert Storm. Specifically, Piotrowski falsely claimed that in 1991 during an Iraqi counter-attack in Operation Desert Storm, “He exposed himself to direct enemy fire while providing suppressive fires to cover anti-tank team, which was maneuvering to destroy an Iraqi T-62 tank.”

The complaint alleges that Piotrowski did not see military action in Operation Desert Storm, and that he purchased the Silver Star Citation and medal via the Internet. Under false pretenses, on December 1, 2007, Piotrowski was formally recognized for the Silver Star by the Undersecretary for the California Department of Veterans Affairs. Piotrowski is currently employed by the California Exposition Center Police Department.

Piotrowski made an initial appearance before U.S. Magistrate Judge Dale A. Drozd today.

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2 comments to ''Police Officer From Elk Grove Arrested By Fed's"

  1. This man is so shameful. It is terrible that he brought this upon his family not to mention the real heroes with no regard to the consequences. It is shameful that he stood there and received that medal, saying nothing and allowing family to watch. Well, I guess it all comes around huh Eric

  2. How is life now Eric? Are you now accepting resonsibility for your actions? It would be about time.


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