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Targeted By Democrats, Lungren To Get Help From So-Called Patriot Program

Republicans To Bring In Surrogates To Help At Risk Repubs; Does This Mean another Visit From Dick ‘Shotgun’ Cheney?

As one of the 10 Republicans targeted by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee's (DCCC), Dan Lungren’s third district California seat is viewed as a possible pick up in 2010. This is based on the fact that Lungren was unable to win a majority of the votes in the reliably Republican district against a poorly funded opponent, Dr. Bill Durston.

Likewise, Obama won the popular vote in the district that has historically been quite conservative. The Democrats can practically smell blood.

The perceived weakness of Lungren has already drawn one Democrat challenger, Elk Grove city council member Gary Davis.

Sensing Lungren’s vulnerability, particularly after his pathetic performance at a recent Elk Grove Town Hall meeting, the GOP has decided not to give up without a good money fight.

According to Politico, The National Republican Congressional Committee has launched its so-call Patriot Program to help bolster funds for Lungren and nine other vulnerable veteran Republican congress members.

As part of the effort, the NRCC will help fundraising and bring in surrogates to help campaign and raise cash. As you may recall, last fall then Vice President Dick Cheney flew in for a Lungren fundraiser in Wilton.

Obviously this begs the question: Will Lungren invite Cheney back again? Will Cheney be foisted on Lungren?

Either way, given Cheney’s grumpier than usual disposition of late, if he comes, let’s hope he leaves his shotguns at home!

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1 comment to ''Targeted By Democrats, Lungren To Get Help From So-Called Patriot Program"

  1. There are actually two candidates running in CA-03. Dr. Amerish Bera actually filed weeks before Davis.


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