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Elk Grove Man Arrested For Sexual Assault, Resisting Arrest

An Elk Grove man was arrested early this morning for sexual assaulting a teenage juvenile girl and resisting arrest.

According to police reports, 24-year old Daniel Cea approached the 17-year old victim at Berens Park and asked her to call his house as his mother would not grant him entry. Cea then reportedly grabbed the victim’s buttocks on the outside of her clothing.

After trying to grab the victims’ buttocks several more times, Cea fled the area on foot. Officers responded to the suspects house based on the phone number he provided to the victim.

Upon seeing officers, Cea ran into his residence and refused to open the door. After a few minutes, the suspect relented and opened the door and was detained. After positive verification by the victim and a witness, Cea was arrested and transferred to the county jail.

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1 comment to ''Elk Grove Man Arrested For Sexual Assault, Resisting Arrest"

  1. The Friday issue on the AD web site had stories that were weeks old without changes. After I read of the Arrest I wonder if they were filler.

    When and were did what ever he was under the influence of occur? The posters who said it was probaly just one drink at dinner were allowed to stay. (He was arrested at 2:30 AM) Those who suggested a 12 step program had their post removed and their posting rights terminated.


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