Sacramento International Receives $8.9 Million Federal Grant

'The Big Build' Supported by U.S. Department of Transportation Funds Sacramento International Airport’s terminal construction proje...

'The Big Build' Supported by U.S. Department of Transportation Funds

Sacramento International Airport’s terminal construction project – The Big Build – will receive more than $8.9 million from the U.S. Department of Transportation to assist with costs associated with the expansion and enhancements of the airport.

“Phased construction of the terminal apron, remain overnight parking for aircraft and a crossfield taxiway directly benefit from the grant funds,” said G. Hardy Acree, Director of Airports. “Construction not only enables Sacramento International to replace aging facilities that no longer meet the needs of its customers. Construction also provides hundreds of jobs to our region and ensures that Sacramento International will be poised to accommodate growth in air carrier activities, providing more employment opportunity in the future.”

The Big Build is critically needed to accommodate projected growth at Sacramento International Airport and replace the aging Terminal B complex that has reached obsolescence since its opening over four decades ago. Projects associated with the Big Build will also enable Sacramento International to operate more efficiently with less congestion.

“The Big Build is the largest capital improvement project in Sacramento County history,” said Susan Peters, Chair of the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors, “With a combination of bonds and federal funds, the project is a landmark investment in the region’s future to ensure that Sacramento International Airport will serve travelers as a welcoming gateway to Northern California for years to come.”

The Letter of Intent payment stream for the grant is scheduled over a seven-year period concluding in fiscal year 2015 and supports the $1.08 billion budget for the Big Build. .

“During a period of economic downturn, it is tempting to lose faith in progress and development.” said Terry Schutten, Sacramento County Executive, “However, federally supported projects such as the Big Build provide employment opportunities to our residents and ensure that our facilities are prepared for the future. Such projects are an investment in the economic vitality of the region as a whole.”

Sacramento County Airport System is responsible for planning, developing, operating and maintaining the county’s four airports: Sacramento International Airport, Executive Airport, Mather Airport and Franklin Field. For more information on the system, visit

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  1. Since when are out of state or out of county construction workers supporting the local economy? Since when are construction jobs permanent streaming income? In the meanwhile, Sacramento Internation has raised rent for teneants from just over $6.00 a square foot to $12.61 a square foot. This has casued airlines and concesions to down size their operations, reducing PERMANENT employment opportunities. This in turn has PERMANENT negative effects on the local economy. Great job Acree and Shutten!


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