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Voices of Elk Grove - Some Thoughts Regarding Elk Grove SOI II

By Bill Kutzer

One of the panelists at the most recent Sphere of Influence Summit, developer Michael Winn said that Elk Grove had a unique opportunity to do something "special" for the City of Elk Grove with their recent SOI request.

My response to Michael Winn is that in July of 2000, when Elk Grove became an incorporated city, the city and its new leaders did have a very unique opportunity to indeed do something very special. Instead, Elk Grove went down the road of "Any Place USA" and did the same-o, same-o that urban sprawlers do around the country.

Why? The almighty dollar.

Now, all of a sudden, Elk Grove has a magical moment and sees the light. Sorrrrrrrrry, what you saw then you will see again---more rooftops, destruction of open land, destruction of agricultural land and the end of a habitat unique to our area.

The best indicator of what someone will do in the future is what they did in the past......urban sprawl. LAFCO needs to pull the reins on Elk Grove.

Wilton IS a good place to be. Elk Grove thinks so, too

Wilton resdient Bill Kutzer is a member of the Wilton Action Group.

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