Is Elk Grove Mayor Pat Hume Flip-Flopping on Sac Sheriff Endorsement?

Elk Grove's own John Kerry? During the 2004 presidential election Sen. John Kerry was bludgeoned by Karl Rove and his band of mirth-m...

Elk Grove's own John Kerry?

During the 2004 presidential election Sen. John Kerry was bludgeoned by Karl Rove and his band of mirth-makers for his flip-flop voting on funding of the Iraq war.

Along with being "Swiftboated," the attacks on Kerry worked and Bush narrowly won the popular vote.

From the sounds coming out of a host of sources, it looks like Elk Grove may have its own flip-flopper.

It all started last week during the press conference announcing Scott Jones candidacy for Sacramento County Sheriff. One of the first sentences uttered by retiring Sheriff John McGinness was not about Jones, but rather one his endorsements.

In fact the first endorsement McGinness announced (view the video) was from the Mayor of Elk Grove.
"The Honorable Mayor Patrick Hume, Mayor of the City of Elk Grove is a supporter."
The announcement of an endorsement from a fellow politician is usually not an earth shattering event. They are common elements of the political game.

This announcement was significant though in that one of Jones' opponent is Hume's fellow Elk Grove City Council member, Jim Cooper. Endorsing a fellow council member's opponent this early in the game might not make for the most harmonious, and more importantly, constructive thing for Hume to do.

After all, what happens if Hume wins reelection in 2010 and Coopers loses his bid for sheriff. Unless Cooper resigns from the city council, there will be at least one council member with a grudge to carry.

Are these the type of working relationships that are best for the people of Elk Grove as we work through the most challenging period in our city's short history?

It was not surprising therefore to read in today's Elk Grove Citizen that Hume said he had not officially endorsed Jones. Was it possible the McGinness fabricated Hume's endorsement?

Not likely.

Given the fact that McGinness eagerly announced Hume's endorsement first, it would indicate it was a much sought after endorsement meant to kick some sand in Cooper's face. What better way to slap Cooper around than have Hume endorse Jones.

In any case, this flip-flopping reflects badly on Hume. You can't help but wonder if he is being played for a chump by the McGinness camp; just like he was last spring during Dan Lungren's faux town hall meeting.

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