Elk Grove City Council Showdown This Wednesday

Call it The Showdown at the Elk Grove City Council with this question - Who'll blink first. On Wednesday, July 28 the Elk Grove City ...

Call it The Showdown at the Elk Grove City Council with this question - Who'll blink first.

On Wednesday, July 28 the Elk Grove City Council will conduct a special meeting to consider whether or not Council Member Sophia Scherman's title of Mayor be stripped from her for the remainder of the year. This meeting comes as a result of a meeting Scherman hastily scheduled on Tuesday, July 20 for Wednesday, July 21.

The July 21 meeting's stated purpose was to form an ad-hoc committee of council members to explore options on dealing with group homes housing juvenile sex offenders. Council members Jim Cooper, Gary Davis and Steve Detrick were unable to attend the meeting citing scheduling conflicts.

Aside from citing scheduling conflicts, Cooper, Davis and Detrick had a joint letter read into the record questioning Scherman's scheduling of the meeting at an early hour, the need for the meeting given the item would appear on the following regular meeting agenda and Scherman's unwillingness to reschedule the meeting given her knowledge all three were unavailable.

Scherman's 'deceitful' behavior

The letter went on to condemn Scherman for what they said was "deceitful behavior of the past' [city council's] and added that it "must not be repeated." The statement concluded with the declaration that a special meeting would be convened to "discuss the role of the Mayor and also to consider the appointment of the Mayor for 2010.”

Political implications

While internal conflicts are nothing new to the Elk Grove City Council, this particular conflict has particular implications for Cooper, Davis and Pat Hume.

For Cooper, the outcome and whether or not Scherman is stripped of her duties could become cannon fodder for his opponent, Scott Jones, in the race to be the next Sheriff of Sacramento County.

The showdown will surely become an issue for Davis who is being challenged by Jimmie Johnson, a past  Cosumnes Community Services District director candidate. Johnson will undoubtedly use this as an issue as he has already said he will remind voters of “a real ugly side of Elk Grove politics.”

Hume, whose popularity and reputation in Elk Grove politics seems to be on the same projectile as former council members Dan Briggs and Mike Leary, faces a no-win situation.

Supporting Scherman's actions can paint him as a puppet of the person who midwifed his political career. Likewise, turning his back on Scherman will label his as disloyal.  

The question at Wednesday's meeting will be; Who will blink first.

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