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Elk Grove's Pat Hume:
Bought and Sold by BIA

Hume favors more 'rooftops' over jobs

If there was ever any doubt about where Elk Grove City Council Member Pat Hume stands on the city's sphere of influence (SOI) application, the late financial contributions he received in the last few days out to clarify things.

This week Hume, the lead proponent for building putting more rooftops in an city already suffering from an excess of housing and serious deficit in well-paying jobs, has taken $6,000 from - you guessed right - residential building lobbyist.

The contributions were:
  • Sacramento Builders Exchange - $1,000
  • Committee for Home [Hume] Ownership of North State BIA - $3,500
  • California Real Estate PAC - $1,500
And if you're interested, consider these late contributions Hume sagged earlier this week. Most tell is this one:

  • Dale Mahan, 9951Grant Line Road, Elk Grove - $500
Here is a Google map of 9951 Grant Line Road:

View Larger Map

Once again, you guessed right. That address just so happens to be in the SOI and the 100 year Cosumnes River floodplain.

So next time Hume says he is just interested in looking at future growth areas to be "proactive," remind him of these contributions from residential builders and property owners in the SOI area.

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Bought and Sold by BIA "

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