Kennedy to seek library, more services for Sac City District 5

Sacramento City Council District 5 candidate Patrick Kennedy Lifelong Sacramento city resident Patrick Kennedy said that if elected as t...

Sacramento City Council District 5 candidate Patrick Kennedy

Lifelong Sacramento city resident Patrick Kennedy said that if elected as the council member representing the city's 5th Council District, he would seek to bring a library to Oak Park and ensure the city does not neglect services for its constituents.

Kennedy is running against Jay Schenirer for the seat being vacated by Councilwoman Lauren Hammond, who lost in her bid for state Assembly in June. Kennedy currently serves on the Sacramento City Unified School District Board.

The 20-year Oak Park resident said during a recent interview that he has three district priorities that include establishment of a library in Oak Park, revitalization of business corridors and to balance out inequities in city services.

"Why is it some neighborhoods receive services in a better way than other neighborhoods," Kennedy said. "If you dump illegally in Oak Park, City Farms or Carlton Tract or Woodbine it will sit there for weeks. If you illegally dump in Land Park, Pocket, that's not the case. Our city services should be delivered in an equitable way."

Kennedy said city services shouldn't be based on those who have the time and ability to complain. "I've been fighting that for 20 years as a neighborhood association president," he added.

On a citywide basis, Kennedy said the because of the city past dependence on builders fees the economic base needs to be diversified. He said among other things the future of downtown mall needs to be rethought . 

"We need to do something significant to that area that we call 'Westfield'  and turn it into something that well bring people in regionally," he said.

Kennedy said he would not be in favor of a public subsidy to Maloof Entertainment to keep the Kings in Sacramento. He did say he would be willing to look at some sort of public-private partnership for an  arena /entertainment complex as long as the city "gets true benefit."

Should the Kings get a new area, Kennedy said he favors having the arena downtown that was part of larger entertainment complex. "I am not interested in just benefiting the Maloof's," he said.

Kennedy acknowledged the economy will be the biggest challenge facing the city over the next four years and the city should protect core services such as public safety and garbage pick-up. 

"Its a balancing act, some service are going to suffer - that's just the way it is in this tough economy," Kennedy said. He added that the city does need to think ahead and be prepared because the tough times will pass and it should be ready to seize on opportunities.

Kennedy also noted that relations between Mayor Kevin Johnson and the current council has been fairly "disfunctional" and said all parties share the blame. "We need to do a better job of realizing we are there to do the peoples business," he noted.

Kennedy was introduced to public service by his former college teacher and mentor, legendary Sacramento Mayor Joe Serna. Kennedy said Serna stressed to him the importance of local community involvement.

"He loved Sacramento like I do," Kennedy said. "There is so much you can do on a local level."  

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