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With Hume, it had
to happen sooner or later

Hume resorts to playing the religion card; mailers to minors? Just plain creepy

By D.A. Gougherty

Political watchers in Elk Grove knew it had to happen sooner or later - Pat Hume resorting to trickery as he attempts to retain the District 2 seat on the Elk Grove City Council.

That trickery reared its ugly face in today's mailbox in a most disturbing way to any parent.


The mailer in question is dubbed "Catholic Voter Alert."

To start, as a lifelong confirmed member of the Roman Catholic church, the use of the church to advance a personal political career is highly offensive and unethical on several levels. 

But you read and judge for yourself.

The most offensive aspect of this mailer is who it was addressed to:
Two of my children, one of which is a minor and the other who reached majority less than five months ago. 

I am not sure how Hume, along with signers to the post card including Republican political operative Dan Brennan, former planning commissioner Tim Murphy, and surprisingly, Gil Albiani got their hands on this list. Calls this afternoon to St. Joseph's, where my family has been a member for several years,  have not been returned. 

Frankly, given the 'gossip' about Hume (watch this video featuring write-in candidate David Cano) over the years and the fact that he now has this mailing list of juveniles males is, to say the least, disturbing. 

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1 comment to ''With Hume, it had
to happen sooner or later"

  1. Wow! Looks like these guys down in Elk Grove are up to some real slimy politics.


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