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And the 2011 Academy Award winners are.... By Maricor Capulong In a few days hence, dedication and work is rewarded in regalia so impre...

And the 2011 Academy Award winners are....

By Maricor Capulong

In a few days hence, dedication and work is rewarded in regalia so impressionable, being nominated alone elevates the status to such heights. It is where new comers and veterans all meet, where the playing field is leveled judged only by the severity of each to his/her own good performance.

I am very excited to watch the finality of the year’s best. Like every year Ill be celebrating the awards with a few friends (and other film addicts) and a few drinks, in the style of cosmos and brownies. :D

The show will be hosted by Anne Hathaway and James Franco, the due will likely bring a fresh spin to the opening sequence, as both actors can act, sing, and have great comedic timing.

Comparably, 2010-2011 nominated movies improved so much versus the slim pickin’s of last year’s nominees. I have seen eight of the ten movies nominated, and they are...

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Best Picture Nominees

The Kings Speech

With 12 other nominations, this movie is vested the front runner to likely win in this category. Although this is the case, and although the movie in itself is impressive, I do not think that it is going to win. It is just another time period piece, much like all the other time period films about the royal British Royal family. Screenplay is impressive, with the casting superbly done, having “memento” star Guy Pearce as King Edward VIII the older brother of the stuttering would be king younger prince. It does not capture enough of the turmoil the royal family has experienced, in a time where royal protocol outweighs personal happiness. It also lightly touches the subject of World War II. If it did do a heavy job on emphasizing these two notions, the movie would be a heavy hitter and truly be a good contender.

127 Hours
The Slumdog Millionaire director has done it again. With 6 other nominees, this is a great contender in the Best Picture category. Perfectly shot in the backdrops of driest dessert, and the seclusion of the hidden paths away from civilization, you feel and fear like the main character as he goes through the most horrific test known to man... the test of surviving by any means necessary. We don’t see enough of character driven movies, and I am glad one of the movies nominated is. Many movies rely on special effects, tricky camera tricks, and sordidly complicated screenplays and stories (i.e inception), yet this one was a standout. In a one man show, James Franco made available his talents to appropriately depict the panic, the anguish, the pain, the torment, the regrets and sadness of a man near to his death. This movie would not have worked if James Franco was not cast, witnessing his performance in this film I can no longer envision anyone taking on the task. It also was such a heavy task; he carried the film on his back and ran with it. This is my pick for best picture.

Black Swan
Oh... Oh... how much I despise this movie. A mere drag in time and directorial brilliance to say the least. Nominated with 5 awards. I have little to say about this movie. I don’t even know why it is nominated for such a category. I do not support any of the nomination in this film except for the nomination for best actress. The movie is nothing but a big build up to nothing. Yes it was scary at times, yes it was shocking but nothing of it screams Oscar worth. Gaudy and sweltering sexual lesbian scenes that could have been taken out to no effect to the film. What irritated me about this film is that you watch and watch anticipating a big twist to the plot, you get led. At the end it comes to a jack knife stop, when the film decides to turn artsy fartsy ending with a “rose bud” -one sentence ending that was supposed to have some sort of great meaning. I cannot stress enough how annoyed I am to this film, so I am just not going to waste space in here. Yes I’m very annoyed.

The Fighter
Nominated for 7 categories. Christian Bale stole the show for this one. Lost weight, humbly played the black sheep of the family, headed by the matriarch played by Melissa Leo. Both actors respectively are up for nominations in the best supporting actor/actress categories. Also nominated is the talented and beautiful Amy Adams, who was twice previously nominated for best supporting actress. This may be her year, producing a strong performance as a tough as nails Boston bartender, who falls in love with the main character and becomes one of his supporters. This movie I feel is the under dog for the best movie category, I feel that it was not publicized enough, much like the other movies where the movie rode the big wave of hype prior to the opening of the movie, this movie presented itself and let it speak for itself, no pre conceptions, just plain talents presented. I love this movie.

Nominated for 8 awards, this will surely win best screenplay due to the masterful and intricate way Christopher Nolan had written it. Wonderful cast, with standout performances from Leonardo DiCaprio and Joseph Gordon Leavitt. Up and coming actor Tom Hardy, so much impressed Nolan, that he was cast in the next and final Batman movie. Great special effects, but I do not believe this to be best picture. Best action sci-fi thriller, but not best over all picture of the year. The article I have written before for this movie explains how I feel about this movie, puzzled. If it wins best picture I will truly forever be confused as to what I have missed.

The Kids Are All Right ***
Nominated with 4 Oscars, unfortunately I have not seen this movie. It wouldn’t be fair to put my input. Yet I do want to express that it is casted perfectly with Juliane Moore, Annette Benning and the under rated Mark Ruffolo (who by the way can probably star in a movie about singer Richard Marx if need be.)

The Social Network
A movie that describes the end of personal friendships due to the creation and rise of Facebook. Nominated for 8 Oscars this movie is my second pick to win the Oscar (if not 127 hours.) This movie is brilliant depicting a generation removed from reality and ushered into cyber reality. I was a freshman in College when I heard about facebook. A guy I met at a party asked me if I had one, and I felt puzzled as to what it meant. Watching this movie made me realize that in that one moment, in trying to get to know someone in person, history was in the making and that a change in socialization was occurring. Jesse Eisenberg, nominated for best actor, played the creator of Facebook perfectly (although the real Mark Zuckerberg denies the authenticity of the movie) if he was a conniving backstabber he was portrayed to be. To play him with such angst and hatred for the exclusivity of Harvard and its many clubs and associations takes talent. Jesse came a long way (along with Anne Hathaway) from his start from Fox’s television show, “Get real.” I am hoping that David Fincher wins for best Director for this film; it has been a long time since we have seen anything from him. I feel as though Fincher can never go wrong with his directorial method. I also hope Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails lead vocalist) and Atticus Ross receive the best score award, after nabbing the Golden Globe for the same category it will be easy. Justin Timberlake should get a Razzie.... period.

Toy Story 3
Nominated for 5 awards

True Grit
Every time someone asks me my opinion about this movie, I would always say that it is nothing like the trailers. Due to the fact that it was more comical than hard-gritty, the trailer did not at all depict the over all feel of the movie. I hate, I hate, hate, hate western movies (aside from Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid) usually. This movie was the exception to my abhorrence to western films, I love Jeff Bridges, and mainly Mr. Bridges is the main reason why I came to see the movie. The character of Rooster Cogburn was far from what I have seen from Jeff Bridges and he did a great job portraying an old aging gunslinger for hire. Again nominated for best actor, after winning the award last year for Crazy heart, I think he will not win it this year. Don’t get me wrong, he is a fantastic actor, but winning the award last year might lower his chances. Joel and Ethan Coen are up for best director nomination. Along with the young up and comer Hailee Steinfeld for best supporting actress, who may I add was the standout performance in this movie. Hailee held her own among heavy weights, such as Matt Damon and Mr. Bridges. Portraying a girl wise beyond her years, Hailee pulled the role off perfectly and with finesse, although at times you can catch her going through the motions of reciting the lines, but for the most part she was great. I wish her more success in the future.

Winter’s Bone ***
Nominated for 4 awards.

*** Movies I did not see

Now here are my top picks for some categories.....

Best Actress: Natalie Portman, portraying two sides of a person’s psyche is a difficult thing to master, and she painted it for the audience with great chaotic entanglement. Great roles are often those with inner turmoil and anguish. This part was meant for Oscar worth, Natalie Portman deserves to win this year.

Best Actor: You already know who I am championing in this category. James Franco takes the lead for my guess for this category. Honestly, I use to think I could not take this guy seriously. Wow, I was wrong with that? Huh? But the thing that won me over was his seriousness for variety. He wanted to be in daytime television, he did it. Wanted to write a book and he actually wrote a book. I look to him as somewhat a hero for doing what he set out to doing. Besides all that I loved his performance in this movie, he was able to bring forward sensitivity to a self diluted man, who needed remembering the importance of life. Without any other actors to enhance his performance, he was left to the task himself. It is hard to get in the mind of someone trying to survive in a secluded situation. Seeing his performance you can actually feel like a fly in the wall and being in the moment. I cannot wait.

Best Supporting Actress:Melissa Leo

Best Supporting Actor:Christian Bale, he needs to win, he has come a long way since newsies. One of the few very committed actors, he exemplifies great discipline and he has come a long way. He deserves to win this.

Best Director:David Fincher, I love his style, and I feel he should be rewarded it this year for it.

Adapted Screenplay:True Grit – The Coen brothers

Original Screenplay:
Inception: Christopher Nolan
Simply because it was sunshine after superhero reboot rain.

As I promised I have an announcement to make, and its just a minor change in the way I do my input in Elk Grove News. Sometimes I will be more creative and put my reviews on youtube. Just to spice things up in here thats all. So dont be suprised if instead of reading my reviews, you just see me talking and talking and talking.

If you want to share your Oscar pick with me, leave a comment down below, I would love to hear your picks as well as what you think about the winners and losers of 2011 Oscar night.

Have a good weekend everyone!!!!

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