Discovery Park Expected to Re‐Open By April 30

Discovery Park to Remain Closed Through Easter Weekend; Parks Holiday Fee Increase in Effec t Sacramento County Regional Parks staff hope t...

Discovery Park to Remain Closed Through Easter Weekend; Parks Holiday Fee Increase in Effect

Sacramento County Regional Parks staff hope to re‐open Discovery Park by April 30, weather permitting.  Discovery Park is the last of County Park facilities to re‐open because of the large amount of clean up work required to make the facility safe for the public.  Electricity and water need to be turned back on, and the potable water needs to be chlorinated and tested to ensure that it is safe for human consumption.  All park amenities were completely submerged by the river for several weeks and require a thorough cleaning to remove river silt and other debris.

While a small portion of the bike trail in Discovery Park remains flooded, the previously flooded sections of the trail and Tiscornia Beach access were re‐opened in early April. Howe and Watt Avenue access points and the Elkhorn Boat Launch will re‐open Wednesday, April 20.
The entrance fees for Regional Parks will increase from $5 to $8 for vehicle entry, and from $10 to $13 for vehicles towing watercraft on Easter Sunday, April 24. This increase in fees helps to pay for the additional maintenance needed to clean the facilities due to the larger crowds visiting and enjoying park facilities. County parks pass holders are not affected by the holiday surcharge.  

“Because Discovery Park and the American River Parkway are designed to flood during high water events, even when the water goes down, it takes time for us to get all of the facilities back in working order,” said Janet Baker, Regional Parks Director. “Our staff has been working hard to get our parks and facilities ready for visitors again so everyone can have a safe and enjoyable experience, and the extra entrance fees will help us with extra costs associated with the holiday usage.”

Regional Parks wants to remind the public that water levels are still running high and fast, with temperatures that are extremely cold.  Visitors using the boat ramps should use caution to avoid any debris or sandbars that may be located underwater near the ramps.  Although it is expected that Discovery Park will still be closed during Spring Break and Easter weekend, you can get the latest updates at or by calling 916‐875‐6961.

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