Redistricting Commission to Release Proposed Districts Today First to Display the Proposals and Give Access to the Data Behind Them First to Display the Proposals and Give Access to the Data Behind Them

The California Redistricting Commission (CRC) released their first draft of new Assembly, Senate, and Congressional district lines today. The free online tool,, will post these proposed lines on our interactive mapping platform which will allow you to see the detailed boundaries as well as the underlying data for each district by 5 PM today. is also offering a free embeddable widget that allows users to type in their address or ZIP code and see both what district they are in now and their proposed new district. The widget will be available on Monday, June 13, and can be embedded in anyone's website, Facebook profile, Twitter account or other social media, making it easy to share the proposals with a wide variety of people.

Finally, will upload the draft district plans on our “wiki-map” which allows users to make comments directly on the boundaries and color-code their comments whether they “like”, “dislike” or are “neutral” on a specific portion of the plans.

The CRC is now requesting the public to comment upon their proposals and to make the case for why a specific district should be altered. is the place for individuals and groups to use the data to understand how redistricting will affect their community, and to prepare comment and testimony to the CRC. bridges the gap between concerned citizens and decision makers by providing an interactive tool for community groups to engage in the redistricting process. Every 10 years, California redraws the lines of our political landscape through the redistricting process. Altering political boundaries through gerrymandering, packing, and dividing neighborhoods can disenfranchise entire communities and their interests. However, most citizens have little to no knowledge of the redistricting process, let alone information about how they can influence redistricting decisions. allows community groups to engage decision makers about the story of their community – its boundaries, its needs, and what makes it unique. This free, online website application will help traditionally excluded communities take a seat at the table in California’s redistricting process. is presented on the statewide Healthy City platform, an information + action resource that unites community voices, rigorous research and innovative technologies to solve the root causes of social inequity. stands at the forefront of bringing high-quality, accessible data and GIS mapping and analysis to communities that typically do not have access to the tools they need to make positive changes in their community.

Both and Healthy City are programs of Advancement Project, a public policy change organization rooted in the civil rights movement. We engineer large-scale systems change to remedy inequality, expand opportunity and open paths to upward mobility. Our goal is that members of all communities have the safety, opportunity and health they need to thrive.

Our signature is reach and impact. With our strong ties to diverse communities, unlikely alliances, policy and legal expertise, and creative use of technology, we and our partners have won over $15 billion to extend opportunity. Whether it is to build 150 schools, transform the City of Los Angeles’ approach to its gang epidemic, or revolutionize the use of data in policymaking, Advancement Project evens the odds for communities striving to attain equal footing and equal treatment.

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