Opinion: Scully is Right To Hold Supervisors Feet to The Fire

By Steve Masone District Attorney Jan Scully is right to let voters know when supervisors can't get their priorities in line. Public sa...

By Steve Masone

District Attorney Jan Scully is right to let voters know when supervisors can't get their priorities in line. Public safety cannot be the sacrificial lamb so they can look fiscally acceptable to voters. We know when it comes to their re-elections, "It's the economy stupid" and that is what they will live and die over, whereas with our chief law enforcement elected official it's crime.

The price that's paid in that arena by citizens is too great to play politics with. Focusing on the financial bottom line cannot be compared to a lost life or debilitating injury that can never be recouped. In fiscal matters one can rob Peter to pay Paul and pay Peter back another way.

The D.A. has had to consider budget when plea bargaining with felons that most often should spend as long as the law allows in prison for public safety's sake. It not ought to be so, but we know it is reality when they may get off altogether by going to trial and it still costing money we don't have.

Law and order...how much is it worth? How much would we pay if we were seeing third world kidnappings as an everyday occurrence? Our daughters stolen in greater numbers than they already are for illicit sex trade? War om drugs? The list goes on.....

We are already experiencing drive by shootings daily as if we were in the wild west of yesteryear. Police are fighting more sophisticated gangs using high tech communications and learning evasive tactics and subterfuge as if they were guerrilla fighters trained by professionals. Crime is epidemic.

What good are any money and or services saved if safety is cut and we have dead or permanently disabled victims? Because of out of control crime that fifty years ago the public would not stand for, we see that we have become so desensitized and apathetic, we are giving politicians a free pass to be irresponsible.

Perhaps the idea of not prosecuting some lesser crimes is good if those funds saved are used to get better forensics and other courtroom weaponry to keep the career criminals off our streets.

It might be an old argument, but if criminals knew the citizenry was armed and prepared to defend ourselves, crime would not be as rampant as it is. Sherriff Jones, we hope is making good on his campaign promises to make it easier for law abiding citizens to get concealed weapon permits.

But taking funds away from prosecution of criminals is like taking a baseball bat to a gunfight. The drug dealers and career criminals have money and can afford to hire a top paid legal gunslinger to shoot holes in the cases of under financed and overworked prosecutors.

Hold the County Supervisors feet to the fire some more... untill it balances out ulterior motives concerning re-election so they will do the right thing.

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