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Floyd Marwieh Jr, aka Junebug, aka Floydjunior Marwieh, Questioned For Role In Vicious Beating of Elk Grove Youth

Floyd Marweih Jr. was a witnessed accomplice to this unknown suspect who viciously beat an Elk Grove youth last December. 
Elk Grove resident and convicted criminal Floyd Marwieh Jr. was recently questioned by Sacramento City Police for his role in a beating that seriously injured an Elk Grove youth last December.

In that incident which happened on December 17, 2011 in the Pocket area of Sacramento, Marwieh was identified by several eye witnesses being in the company of an unknown Black male suspect who viciously beat the 16-year old Elk Grove youth. Marwieh was also witnessed driving the unknown attacker away in a brown color four door sedan, much like the one Marwieh displayed in a photo on his Facebook page.

Also on his Facebook page (which has since been deleted) Floyd Marwieh Jr. was also pictured with the person who several eye witnesses identified as the assailant. When questioned by police investigators, Marwieh not surprisingly denied knowing the assailant.

In the time immediately following the attack, Marwieh posted the following on his Facebook: "Mane niggas was trippin tonite. I ant bring no more nigga wit me." Then a person idenitified as Victor Joseph Diamonon asked: "Wat happened cuzin." Marwieh responded by saying: ""some hot ass shit cuz cant even speak on it on facebook."

Along with these references and photos of Floyd Warwieh Jr. in the company of the person identified by several witnesses, he is a convicted criminal currently on parole. Be aware of this man's credibility and quality of his known associates.

Anyone with information regarding this case should contact the Sacramento City Police.
Floyd Marwieh Jr. (front row left) posted this picture on his Facebook page. The suspect who was witnessed beating the Elk Grove youth is directly behind Marwieh (top row, left). Yet Marwieh claims not to know this suspected assailant.
Marwieh is pictured in his car on this Facebook posting. Witnesses saw a car that matches this being driven by Marwieh and the unknown suspect away from the scene of the assault last December.
Floyd Marweih Jr's Facebook posting about the assault. 

The most recent photo of Floyd Marwieh Jr., aka Junebug, aka Floydjunior Marwieh.

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