Key Vote Tonight For Elk Grove City Council Aspirants Chaires, Ly

Although the general election is still seven months away, the Elk Grove-South County Democratic Club has been steadily conducting votes ...

Although the general election is still seven months away, the Elk Grove-South County Democratic Club has been steadily conducting votes of its membership to determine endorsements in key area races. While the endorsements votes have been conducted early because of the June primary where there are multiple Democratic candidates, the club will conduct a vote tomorrow on a race between two party members that will not happen until November's general election.

At stake is the club's endorsement for the two current Democratic candidates in the race for the Elk Grove City Council District 4 seat between Elk Grove Unified School District Trustee Steve Ly and Elk Grove Planning Commissioner Nancy Chaires. 

Tomorrow's endorsement will be based on a popular vote of current members in attendance at the meeting. As of last month's meeting, club by-laws stated that any due-paying member who is in attendance can cast a vote and membership into the club is available right up to any particular vote.

That procedure has led to some rumblings in the club's earlier endorsement votes.

In previous meetings club membership has voted to endorse Assembly Member Roger Dickinson over Assembly Member Dr. Richard Pan for the California Senate seat being vacated by Darrell Steinberg. But in the endorsement vote between Democratic Assembly candidates Elk Grove Vice Mayor Jim Cooper, Sacramento City Council Member Darrell Fong and Sacramento City Unified School District Trustee Diane Rodriguez, no candidate drew a majority, so no endorsement has been issued.

During the Dickinson-Pan vote and the Cooper-Fong-Rodriguez stalemate, there were grumblings from some longtime club members, candidates and campaign staffers that some candidates had supporters join the club very recently to push their particular candidate or to use as the new members votes as leverage to gain endorsements from other fellow Democratic office seekers. 

The one vote where there seemed to be no controversy was the endorsement issued to Sacramento District Attorney candidate Todd Leras over Assistant California Attorney General Maggie Krell. Leras, a self-acknowledged dark horse candidate, appeared at the meeting where he won the endorsement where Krell had a proxy stand in.

"I am looking forward to working with the Elk Grove-South County Democrat Club as we inspire even more people to become involved in improving our great city," Ly said in an email response seeking comment on tomorrow's vote. "The energy and spirit of our campaign is indicative of our ability to engage voters within the City of Elk Grove and to get them excited about the democratic process."

Chaires did not respond to an email request to comment on tomorrow's vote.

At the last three meetings, where the above mentioned votes were conducted, the meetings have been held in front of large standing-room-only audiences at the Elk Grove Public Library. Tomorrow’s meeting at the Elk Grove Public Library starts at 6:30 p.m. and is expected to draw another large voting audience.    

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