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Sacramento City Council Candidate Proposes Clean Vote Ordinance

Sacramento City Council candidate Susan Cochran. 
Prompted by recent revelations of a “culture of corruption” in the California legislature, Ellen Cochrane, City Council District 3 candidate, vowed Sunday to introduce a “Clean Vote Ordinance” for adoption by the Sacramento City Council.

“The idea is simple,” Cochrane said. “It requires council members to refrain from voting on any matter that directly benefits a donor who has given more than $1,000 to that council person. It would apply for the whole four-year term. No exceptions.”

Cochrane said she’d been contemplating the ordinance for some time. The Supreme Court decision to allow seemingly limitless corporate and personal spending on political candidates also figured in her decision. “This is a small but clear and firm step for good city politics,” she said. “The ordinance I envision will raise the ethics bar for office-holders.”

Noting that similar municipal legislation had been passed in Modesto, Cochrane said former Modesto Mayor Carol Whiteside told her that the plan, known there as the “Tin Cup Ordinance,” was generally successful. 

That plan was called the Tin Cup because it compelled politicians to turn to ordinary citizens for small donations. 

“Instead of being beholden to wealthy special interests, the officials are beholden to the 
voters,” Cochrane said. “You hear of politicians ‘being owned’ by this corporation or that interest group,” she added. “With the Clean Vote ordinance, politicians would be accountable to the people.”

For further information please contact Cochrane for City Council at  (916) 425-6778.

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