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New Poll Shows Sacramento Voters Overwhelmingly Reject Mayoral Power Grab Campaign Against the Power Grab Measure also Launches

A recent survey of 500 likely Sacramento voters shows that Measure L would lose by nearly a 2-1 margin. Measure L would remove the Mayor from City Council and give him unprecedented control over City operations, with the ability to fire the City Manager at will, control the City's staff and budget, and veto laws passed by the City Council.

The poll was commission by the Stop the Power Grab campaign, which is a newly formed effort to coordinate with neighborhood and civic leaders against the measure that launched today.

“It’s clear that voters don’t think this is a good idea,” said Council Member Steve Hansen, a leader of the Stop the Power Grab campaign. “The City Council, Mayor, and City Manager have been working well together to keep the City on the right track. This measure is simply a power grab that shifts power away from the public and reduces accountability. Our city’s professional management shouldn’t be replaced with politics.”

The poll found voter opposition to Measure L is strong and highly resilient. 62 percent of respondents say they will vote against the measure, while just 32 percent say they will vote for it. Of those respondents, 42 percent say they are certain to vote no and will not consider changing their minds, while only 19 percent are certain to vote yes. Even after testing positive messaging used by the measure's supporters, public support did not budge. Only one percent of voters moved in favor of Measure L after a full battery of positive messaging and positive details of the measure.

Pollster David Binder said, “Sacramento has a very sophisticated electorate which understands the difference between a popular Mayor and giving that Mayor and future mayors too much power. It’s very rare that you see a community give positive reviews to a sitting politician and, at the same time, deny that politician a policy change that he seeks. But, in this case, that is exactly what is going on, as voters look past the personalities and reject a change that they see as counter-productive.”

A more detailed polling memo is attached. Findings are based on a telephone survey conducted by David Binder Research on August 1- 3, 2014 using both cell phones and land-lines. The survey was conducted among 500 registered voters, living in the City of Sacramento with working phone numbers, who are expected to vote in the November 2014 general election. The survey has a ±4.4 percent margin of error.

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