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Sac Metro New Reviews -
Seafood City

As a customer who has been coming here on and off for the last dozen years or so, I will review Seafood City on Mack Road in Sacramento on two different aspects – selection and customer service.

As for selection, this store is roughly the same as the other large Asian-centered grocery stores in its selection of groceries. The selection is not as big as say Ranch 99, but it is cleaner than SF Market just down the street.
As it name implies, it does have a pretty good selection of seafood. The butcher counter is nothing out of the ordinary, but it does have a decent selection of meat and pork.
My beef is with the customer service.
As a non-Asian, the first few times I visited there I was taken aback by the service that bordered on rude. At first I thought it was perhaps I was an Anglo. The more frequently I visited, the mostly Filipino customers were treated as rudely, maybe more rudely than me, by the mostly young Filipina crew of cashiers.
Another thing I noticed going there over the last 10 or so years, is that there never seems to be one cashier that I recognize. I have been going to other non-ethic grocery chains for the same length of time and see very little turn-over in their staff.
Seeing as my children are half Filipino, I have great familiarity with the culture. Say what you will about any group, but in my 25-pluse years experience with the Filipino community, I can objectively say they are an extremely friendly group of people.
So why is this group of employees of Seafood City, the cashiers in particular, essentially rude?
The conclusion I have drawn is that given the apparent high-turnover of employees, untrained and rude employees, management must poorly treat the staff. How else can you explain the uniform rude treatment of customers.
I suspect management doesn’t really care because they believe they can treat and pay employees poorly because they have cornered Sacramento’s sizable Filipino community. That strategy can work for a while, but the retail grocery world is littered with companies who treated not only their employees rudely, but by extension, their customers.
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Seafood City "

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