Detrick Raises $54k; Said to be 'Cooperative' With FPPC on Complying With $93k Reimbursement Order

Elk Grove City Council member Steve Detrick. For the six-month reporting period ending December 31, 2014, Elk Grove City Council Me...

Elk Grove City Council member
Steve Detrick.
For the six-month reporting period ending December 31, 2014, Elk Grove City Council Member Steve Detrick raised $54,110.

According to financial disclosure reports filed with the Elk Grove City Clerk's office, the second-term council member raised a total of $133,110 for 2014. That amount includes $250 in non-monetary contributions and $79,000 in loans made to his campaign committee by Detrick and his wife.

Among expenses listed in Detrick's most recent report were $33,321 for professional services. Those included payments of $6,996 to Churchwell White and two payments to Boutin Jones for $4,771 and $21,553. 

The former payment to Boutin Jones was for legal services they performed on behalf of Detrick for his October, 2014 settlement with the California Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). That settlement stemmed from a complaint filed with the FPPC that resulted in an investigation that determined Detrick had illegally used $93,483 of his campaign committee's funds.  

The $93,483 was paid to Boutin Jones on behalf of Detrick's son Brian Detrick, who was pursuing a defamation suit against Elk Grove resident Connie Conley, who countered with an anti-SLAPP suit. The matter between Conley and Brian Detrick has been subsequently settled.  

According to the settlement documents, Detrick told the FPPC his campaign committee had been reimbursed the entire amount. Detrick's 2014 460 reports show no entries indicating the reimbursement of $93,483 has been made. The campaign committee did however reimburse Detrick the $3,500 he paid to the California FPPC for the fine they levied on him.

FPPC Communications Director Jay Wierenga verified Detrick has not reimbursed his campaign committee as noted in the settlement documents.

In an email, Weirenga said, "He [Detrick] is actively working to fulfill that commitment. He has been in contact with us to seek guidance on compliance and on the reimbursement issue. He has been and is being cooperative, accepted responsibility and we are working with him on it." 

Among significant contributions listed on Detrick's recent report are the following:
  • Plumber and Pipefitters Local 447, December 3, $5,000
  • ABR Investments, (Christo Bardis, Principal) LLC, December 9, $3,000
  • Fabian Nunez for Treasurer 2018, December 2, $2,500
  • Willdan Group, December 4, 2014, $2,500
  • Vintara Holdings, December 4, $2,500
  • Tim Lewis Communities, December 9, $2,500
  • California Real Estate Political Action Committee, November 11, $2,500
  • Reynolds & Brown, December 9, $2,500
  • Michael D. McCall, November 17, $2,500
  • Katherine Bardis, October 21, $2,000
  • Souza Elk Grove LLC, December 9, $1,500
  • Thomas P. Winn, December 8, 2014, $1,000
  • Future Energy Corp., October 27, $1,000
  • Howard Research & Development, December 23, $1,000 
  • Gil Moore, December 2, $1,000
  • Richland Management, November 5, $1,000
  • Republic Services, November 14, $1,000
  • Operating Engineers Local Union 3, November 14, $250
  • Sotiris K. Kolokotronis, November 21, $2,500
  • Steve Ramirez, McDonald's restaurant owner, $250
  • ISSE Services, December 9, $250
  • Clarence Stewman, Regional Vice President MV Transportation, December 2, $100


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