Domestic Violence Suspect Shot, Killed in Officer-involved Shooting

Shortly after 8:30 yesterday evening, August 18, 2016, Sacramento County Sheriff’s deputies responded to the 6100 block of Brahms Court in north Sacramento County, regarding a domestic dispute. A female caller stated that she had an argument with her husband, and that she was concerned about him following the incident.

Upon their arrival, Sheriff’s deputies discovered that the male subject had left the location prior to them getting there. The deputies spoke with the female complainant, and gathered information to help with their investigation. As the deputies spoke with the woman, her husband called her via telephone and stated that he would be returning home. Deputies elected to wait in their patrol vehicle and remain at the scene to see if he arrived, in order to check his welfare and complete their investigation into the incident.

At approximately 9:13 p.m., the male subject returned to the location in a vehicle. He parked near the deputies’ patrol car, and they got out of their vehicle to speak with him. The deputies immediately observed the man holding a knife in his hand after he got out of his vehicle and they drew their weapons in response to him being armed.

Deputies told the man numerous times to put the knife down, and that they wanted to talk with him. The subject responded by refusing numerous directives from both deputies to disarm himself. Furthermore, the subject began to challenge the deputies to a fight and began moving alternately forward toward the officers and backwards away from them. The deputies repeated their directives numerous times, and the man continually refused to release the knife.

Having become increasingly aggressive and confrontational, the male subject advanced toward the deputies with the knife still in his hand. In response to the imminent threat posed to him and his partner, one of the deputies fired his weapon at the armed subject, striking him in the upper body. The suspect fell to the ground, at which time the knife fell out of his hand.

Deputies summoned emergency medical personnel to the scene. While waiting for their arrival, the deputy who shot the suspect immediately began performing lifesaving measures on him. These efforts were continued by paramedics who arrived a short time later, but were unfortunately ineffective, and the suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The investigation into this incident will be conducted by the Sheriff’s Homicide Bureau and Professional Standards Division, which is standard practice for any officer-involved shooting that occurs in the Sheriff’s Department’s jurisdiction. The deputy involved in the shooting is a 14-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department, and currently assigned to the North Field Services Division. In accordance with the Sheriff’s Department’s policies and procedures, the deputy will be placed on paid administrative leave, pending the investigation.

The identity of the decedent in this case will be made by the Sacramento County Coroner’s Office, after proper notification has been made to his next of kin.


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