Fairfield Police Arrests Two on Suspicion of Robbery, Gun Possession Following Multi-Jurisdiction Pursuit

Fairfield Police arrested two men on Monday morning for several felonies following an early morning robbery and pursuit. 

The incident started when Fairfield Police received a call of two men in a car, armed with a gun, demanding property from people in the parking lot of a business in the 2500 Block of North Texas Street. Officers responded to the area and spotted a car matching the description exiting the parking lot. 

When the officers tried to stop the car, the driver accelerated and did not pull over. The car fled into a residential neighborhood. Officers terminated the pursuit because of the proximity to a school and the number of children in the area made it too dangerous to continue. The vehicle got onto Interstate 80 and drove eastbound.

Fairfield Police issued a county wide be-on-the-lookout for the vehicle. Vacaville Police located the vehicle in their city and attempted to stop it. 

The driver fled onto I-80 westbound where Solano County Sheriff Units assisted in the pursuit. The driver exited the freeway in Vallejo, where Vallejo Police joined the pursuit. 

The driver and passenger abandoned the car in Vallejo and attempted to flee on foot. Vallejo Police immediately arrested the driver, later identified as 20 year old Sacramento resident Jakari Taylor. The passenger was arrested minutes later hiding in the back yard of a residence. He was identified as 18-year old Fairfield resident Jakobi Brumfield.

Fairfield Police contacted three separate victims, all of whom were local high school students. They were driven to Vallejo where they positively identified the suspects. The gun used in the robberies was recovered by Fairfield Police in the neighborhood where the original pursuit started. 

Officers were able to find the gun after an alert citizen saw it near a sidewalk and called police. The gun was a .22 caliber pistol grip rifle with a silencer attachment.

Taylor was booked into Solano County Jail for robbery, attempted robbery, felony evading, conspiracy, and several weapons violations. Brumfield was booked for robbery, attempted robbery, conspiracy, and resisting arrest.


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