Sacramento County Again Leads State Pear Production, But Year-Over-Year Overall Crop Value Falls

The recently published Crops and Livestock report revealed that once again Sacramento County led California in pear production.

The report, which was compiled by Sacramento County for 2015, also showed that the crop with the highest value was wine grapes at a gross value value of $128,134,000, with milk second at $49,077,000, and pears finished the year as the third highest commodity ($39,893,000). Poultry was a close fourth at $39,415,000. 

Overall, the crop production value of 2015 decreased 6.4% in 2015 $469,947,546 from 2014 $502,274,000. The drop in prices may have been a price adjustment, since 2014 prices had significantly increased from 2013. 

“The decrease is due in part to the continuing drought, but also in greater part to a drop in prices for many of our agricultural commodities,” Juli Jensen, Agricultural Commissioner and Director of Weights and Measures said. 

Jensen would like to eventually expand the Crop and Livestock Report to more fully illustrate the economic drive of agriculture in Sacramento County; revenue due to agriculture ranges far beyond the cultivation and harvesting of crops. Agricultural production creates jobs in industries such as transportation and restaurants, in addition to others. 


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