Elk Grove Hires Alabama Retail Consultant To Recruit High-end Retailers

Retail Strategies LLC has been hired by Elk Grove's Economic Development Director Darrel Doan to transform Elk Grove's shopping sc...

Retail Strategies LLC has been hired by Elk Grove's Economic Development Director Darrel Doan to transform Elk Grove's shopping scene from Dollar Trees to Gucci. 

In his effort to make Elk Grove a retail destination and diversify the mix of retailers and restaurants doing business locally, the City of Elk Grove's Economic Development Director Darrell Doan has retained the services of an Alabama-based retailing consultant and recruiter. 

In an announcement issued yesterday, Darrell Doan said he has enlisted the services of Birmingham, Ala.-based Retail Strategies, LLC. The intent of the agreement is to assist the City in recruiting "with emphasis on increased retail quantity and quality, and lifestyle retailers." 

“The goal of this contract is to obtain national representation that will assist the City with recruiting high-quality retail, dining, and entertainment concepts to Elk Grove,” Doan said in the announcement.

According to the terms, Retail Strategies will be under contract for one year and well be paid $50,000. In the first phase of the contract, Retail Strategies will be paid $30,000 to conduct within 90 days a detailed market study, which is to include a tour of Elk Grove, a market assessment, and development of a retailer target list.

In the second phase of the agreement, which will cost $20,000, Retail Strategies is obliged to initiate recruitment of the retailers identified in the target list developed in the market study. Among the duties outlined include a variety of telemarketing services to groups such as potential retailers, attendance at retail conferences, and an assortment of reports. 

Among the success stories profiled on Retail Strategies' webpage include placement of a Red Robin restaurant in Spring Hill, Tenn.; a Planet Fitness gym in Jasper, Ala.; an Applebee's in Fort Payne, Ala,; and assisting The City of Moline, Ill. revitalize a moribund mall. 

“We are very excited to be working with Elk Grove,” Joseph Fackel, Executive Vice President for Retail Strategies said. “Elk Grove has a tremendous opportunity to capitalize on both the growth of the Sacramento Region and the City’s strong consumer demographics. We look forward to helping the City meet the shopping needs of its residents.”

The scope of the work to be performed by Retail Strategies and compensation terms can be viewed here


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