Fairfield, Vacaville Police Sting Operation Results Nets 10 Arrests in Online Sex Trafficking

April 4, 2017 |  

Fairfield, Calif - Last weekend a major sex trafficking ring in Fairfield was broken up resulting in the arrest of 10 suspects.

On Saturday, April 1 detectives from the Fairfield Police Department’s Investigations Bureau partnered with the Vacaville Police Department to pose as customers at online sites to contact alleged prostitutes who appeared to be under 18 years of age.  After agreeing on a price for various sex acts, the suspected prostitutes went to the residence where the operation was occurring.
Once they arrived at the residence, the women were taken into custody and efforts were made to determine if they were victims of human trafficking.  In addition, there was a victim advocate from Safequest available to offer resources to any of the women contacted.  
After the detectives concluded their investigation, the following people were booked in the Solano County Jail on suspicion of prostitution related charges:
Vanessa Batres, 18, Folsom; Dayona Harrell, 30, Fairfield; Jordan Waddell, 23, Sacramento; Kiara Batchan-Johnson, 26, Vacaville; Patricia Vaughn, 28, Sacramento; Angelina Kinthesa, 21, San Francisco; Sabi Susko, 27, Eureka; Bermane Perry, 18, Vallejo; Mary Thomas, 18, Oakland; Shantel Kukula, 27, Fairfield. 


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