Sacramento County Unveils New 311 Customer Service App

Sacramento County has been offering an easy, single point of contact since 2014 for residents to connect with virtually any Sacramento County service. Residents can simply call 311 to speak with a customer service representative; go online to 311 Connect to report issues or request services, or use the increasingly popular 311 mobile app
The County’s mobile app allows residents to report a pothole, abandoned vehicle, illegal dumping and much more when on the go. However, now, Sacramento County will have a new Sac County 311 Connect mobile app available to download for free. 
“The County is replacing its current 311 mobile app to make it even more convenient to use and give you more features! To use the latest version and its features download the new Sac County 311 Connect mobile app for free. The new app will also more easily accommodate the addition of new service types and get service requests to the responsible department more quickly for faster resolution,” said Sacramento County Chief Information Officer Rami Zakaria.
The new Sac County 311 Connect mobile app will give users options to provide more details when requesting services or reporting issues with easy-to-use dropdown lists and intuitive choices, while keeping the requestors name from being public. It will also provide the versatility to call a customer service rep instead of continuing with an online request. App users will be able to tap to see frequently asked questions or use an address to look up property and parcel information and the associated political representatives or service providers like water, parks or trash/recycling pickup.
App users will still find features favorites like adding a photo to report an issue, and using the phone’s default location, choosing a location on a map or entering a location manually. Users can also view submitted requests in a ½ mile radius of a location, as well as the status of their requests.
Download the new Sac County 311 Connect mobile app for free to get customer service on virtually any Sacramento County service while on the go.
Review the app removal and download steps below:
  • Mobile App Removal Steps
    To uninstall the original SeeClickFix Sac County 311 Connect mobile app on Apple devices, tap and hold the Sac County 311 Connect icon on your home screen, then tap the “x” to delete the app. For Android devices, go to Settings, Apps, and tap the Sac County 311 Connect app, then tap uninstall.
  • New Mobile App Download Steps
    To download the new mobile app, go to your mobile device’s Apple App Store or Google Play Store and search for “Sac County 311 Connect” and tap OPEN or INSTALL. The free Sac County 311 Connect app takes a few seconds to download to your home screen.
Learn more on the Sac County 311 Connect web site
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