Sacramento Regional Transit Launches Survey, Seek Community Engagement on Mass Transit Needs

Sacramento, Calif. - As part of its efforts to improve service and engage its customers in the process, the Sacramento Regional Transit District (Sac RT) has launched an online survey to gather feedback on their priorities. 

The survey asks residents what they think about the current Sac RT bus and light rail system, why they ride public transit in Sacramento or other cities, and what changes would bring the most value to their daily lives. Sac RT is calling on residents, businesses, educational institutions, community leaders and other stakeholders to provide their feedback so the agency can fully understand the mobility needs and desires of the region.

“Sac RT is focused on greater community engagement and that means listening to what residents want and need our public transit system to be,” Henry Li, General Manager and CEO of Sac RT said. “The Sacramento region is growing and we have new activity centers for housing, employment, shopping and entertainment as well as changing traffic patterns. Our public transit system needs to adapt to these changes and we are excited to work with community partners to develop a more valuable transit service.”

Over the past year, Sac RT has improved its financial stability, attracted new riders and strengthened its commitment to clean, safe and convenient transit service. Additionally, in February 2017, Sac RT released its new Strategic Vision, a multi-year plan that prioritizes a  customer-first agency culture as well as a route optimization study to analyze how to best serve different parts of the region.

The survey can be taken here


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