Suspect Apprehended After Alleged Theft of Golf Clubs, Held on $500,000 Bail

A man who was wanted by the Folsom Police Department has been taken into custody after evidence left at the crime scene led to his arrest.

The suspect, Anatoliy Romanovch, 29, allegedly stole a set of expense golf clubs from a Folsom residence in late December 2017. Based on evidence left at the scene, detectives were able to tie Romanovick to the crime. 

On the afternoon of Friday,  April 20, FPD arrested Anatoliy Romanovich in North Highlands on a $500,000 felony warrant for grand theft. Arraignment will be on Tuesday, April 24 

“Getting away with the stolen property isn’t the same as not getting caught." Detective Sergeant Brian Lockhart said. "Today was an example of how we pursue criminals in Folsom.”


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