Opinion - Message from Democratic supermajority and health care foundations on reform: No. Relief. Coming.

By Keith McCallin, PA-C  |     

Dear Sacramentans and nearby Sacramento Neighbors:

On Friday, March 1, 2019, the Superintendent of the Sacramento City school system addressed the school systems insolvency coming in November and, in doing so, described what a take-over of our public school system will look like. The first, and only, words out of the superintendents mouth to explain it all:

                        Health care costs.

Also, on that Friday, there was a Senator Dr. Richard Pan-produced health care symposium at the Sacramento Capitol.  (See the agenda here: https://ph.ucla.edu/events/e-richard-brown-symposium-universal-health-care-california-planning-policy-political )

The clear message sent from our state legislators, who possess supermajority powers, to the Sacramento School district and the California citizenry:

                        No. relief. coming.

We Americans represent 4-percent of the worlds population and we pay 43-percent of the worlds health care costs. 

We northern Californians pay 30-percent more for health care than southern Californians.

The probability that everyone reading these words is underinsured and unaware of this medical trap is likely right at 100-percent. There is a reason GoFundMe for medical bills is a thing and a thing that has been made normal. It is what we are obliged to do to survive our health care system which has us dying slower, sicker and younger.

There are a myriad of forces spending vast sums of money to block health care reform and they are getting their money’s worthAll of us are easily able to identify the most powerful of these forces because they are the medical corporations whose billboards line our freeways.

But there are others who play their nefarious part who go unnoticed. One example is a group of organizations known as the health care foundations, where the California Endowment is but one organization in that group.

Please find the time to read the attached document (posted below) because what we do not know about health care foundations is substantial. And, because the price we pay for not fixing health care involves far more than the ridiculous price of insurance bills and medical bills.

PLEASE NOTE:  The attached letter is a communication sent from this California health care advocate to other health care advocates and organizations here in California and across the country.


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