After deciding to replace old carpeting for laminate flooring, the choice of vendors became obvious

Living the last five and a half years in our 12 years old house, the time has come to do some upgrades and replacements. Top on our list was the removal of original carpeting.

Carpet that is 12 years old shows its age. Also, being more aware of the allergens and funky smells - having an old dog who is battling blatter weakness - made the choice to replace the carpeting with laminate floor easy. 

After that decision, the next fork in the decision tree was where should we make our purchase and schedule installing. We visited the local Lumber Liquidator, Lowes, Home Depot, and S&G Carpet and Flooring.

At Lumber Liquidators, the sales guy talked fast and having some idea of prices, and their rates seemed a trifle high. At Lowes, we were only able to speak to a flooring representative as he was cutting some astroturf for another customer so we never got a complete picture of prices and installation charges.

Next, we went to Home Depot. At least compared to the other two flooring places, the representative gave us a better idea of the total installation cost, which would roughly match the price of the flooring.

Our last stop was at S&G on Bond Road in Elk Grove. I have to say we made that our last stop based on the recommendation of recent customers who were pleased with their flooring and installation.

Our sales representative was able to give us a realistic if somewhat high estimate based on the information we provided. When their estimator came out, the quote came in several hundred dollars lower than first stated.

After haggling a bit on the advice of the friends who recommended S&G - we shaved a modest 4-percent off the quote - we made the purchase. The installation was completed as promised and with care.
Upon reflection, we were pleased that we selected S&G as the vendor for this home improvement project. Perhaps we could have saved a hundred or so dollars had we gone to one of the national retailers, but playing a little extra sometimes makes the best business sense.

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