Central Valley cities rank poorly in WalletHub study on best places to raise a family

A study to find the best American cities to raise a family showed many larger Central Valley California cities as generally unfavorable places to raise a family. The study was conducted by personal finance website WalletHub.com

The study examined 182 American cities. The best-ranked city was Overland Park Kan. while Detroit was the worst. 

Overland Park was rated as the most affordable and was in the top 11 in three of the four categories. It rated poorly receiving a 94-rating in the family fun category. 

The items examined to rate the studies family fun, health and safety, education and childcare, affordability, and socio-economics. Within each category, there were several other items used to measure the overall category. There are 47 separate items that were measured. 

The highest-rated Central California was Sacramento which was ranked 44th. Sacramento was highly rated in the family fun category being ranked as the third-best American city.

Sacramento's overall lower rating was affected by low rankings in education and childcare, and affordability where it sank to 73rd and 74th place respectively. 

Other Central Valley cities did not fare as well as Sacramento. Modesto was 71st, Bakersfield 108th,  Fresno 145th, and Stockton is the lowest-rated at 156th. Stockton was most affected by a low health and safety rating.

 The entire study and the methodology can be viewed here

Source: WalletHub


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