Mother sentenced to 25 years to life for murder of young daughter

A mother who was convicted of the murder of her 3-year old daughter was sentenced at Sacramento County Superior Court.

Angela Phakhinot was sentenced today by Judge Allen Sumner to a term of 25-years to life. Phakhinot was found guilty for her role in the death of her daughter Maiya.

According to evidence introduced druing the trial, Phakhinto and her then finace, Untwan Smith (both pictured above) came to California from Arkansas in February 2016. Over a two-week period, the couple exposed to the child to harsh conditions which culminated in her death when they left her inside a hot car for over 9 hours.

Smith is pending trial on the same charges. The jury also unanimously found that Phakhin was guilty under a theory of premeditated and deliberate murder and felony murder torture


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