Roseville real estate market rated warm to very hot in most recent report

According to the most recent information compiled by Seattle-based as of June 30, real estate activity in Roseville's three zip codes is rated as warm, hot, and very hot. A rating of warm or better is considered a more favorable market for sellers of residential real estate.

Roseville's 95678 is the relative coolest at warm with homes values estimated at $392,200. Home values have increased 1.3-percent over the last 12 months and are expected to increase by only 0.1-percent in the next year.

95747 is rated as hot with home values estimated at $485,500. In this zip code prices have risen 1.9-percent over the last 12 month and are predicted to rise 1.3-percent this coming year.

The hottest Roseville zip code is 95661 which Zillow rated as very hot with houses having an estimated value of $495,400. This area of Roseville had the great one year increase at 4.5-percent and prices are estimated to increase by 1.5-percent in the next 12 months.  


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