In study on the best big American cities to live in, Sacramento earns middling grade

As it does in several studies, Sacramento earned a middling grade in a report titled the "2019’s Best Big Cities to Live in."

The report generated by examined the 61 largest cities in the country and determined rating on several factors. Those factors include quality of life index, the health of the economy, public safety, education & health, and affordability.

Each of the five categories was given equal weight in the assessment. Within each group, there were numerous traits examined, such as restaurants per capital in quality of life and violent crime rates within the safety classification.

According to the study, Sacramento ranked as the 28th best large city in the county, putting it in the top 50 percentile.

Sacramento's rank, out of 62, was as follows:
  •     Affordability - 40
  •     Economy
  •     Education & Health - 24
  •     Quality of Life - 22
  •     Safety - 40
One place in front of Sacramento was Columbus, Ohio and was followed by Nashville. The top five cities in order were Virginia Beach, Va.; Austin, Texas, Seattle, San Diego; and Las Vegas.

The worst-rated city was Detroit. California cities in the lower rung included Santa Ana and Fresno which were ranked 52nd and 54th respectively.



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