The sound of one Social Security scam call, voicemail

Scams come and go and one of the more prevalent ones now circulating involved Social Security targeting senior citizens.

According to several law enforcement agencies who are monitoring the scam say it goes something like this. Automated calls threaten people with either suspension of their benefits or that an arrest warrant will be issued if they do not comply with the requested information which includes their SS number.

On social media, the Sacramento County District Attorney's office offers the following advice to people receiving these calls:

Many residents are receiving phone messages advising them that their social security number has been frozen, and if they want to learn more they need to press a number on their phone. THIS IS NOT TRUE.

If you receive this type of call you are urged to HANG UP immediately. DO NOT press the number or button requested to learn more information. Do not engage a caller as your voice may be recorded.

District Attorney Schubert recommends contacting the Social Security Administration webpage on security to learn what the administration will and won’t do, and to learn how to report these impersonations at this Social Security link

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