Alert residents help Folson Police apprehend trio of suspects in thefts from vehicles

Hennesy (left), Lopez, and Schmidt.

Three people suspected of stealing property from cars were apprehended by Folsom Police after being alerted by alert residents.

Just before 4am on August 10, 2019, a resident heard a car alarm and saw a person walk away from the area and get into a car. He called Folsom Police and responding officers locted the car and detained the driver, but another person witnessed was not located. 

The driver of the car was David  Hennesy, 42, of Sacramento. During a search of the area, another resident, about a half mile away, reported that he saw a man rummaging through an unlocked vehicle, and a woman was with him. 

Officers located Marissa Marie Lopez, 39 and Casey James Schmidt, 26, both of Sacramento and determined they had were Hennessy's vehicle. Schmidt was identified as having been involved in the original auto burglary. 

The suspects suspects were arrested and booked into the Sacramento County jail. Schmidt was booked for burglary, conspiracy, possession of burglary tools, prowling and violation of probation; Hennessy for conspiracy, prowling and violation of probation; and Lopez for conspiracy and prowling.


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